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Plan ahead - find what you need at your bike park destination on the new Locals tabs on each bike park page.

It's not just about the trails.  If you're heading to a bike park for a day or a month it's 99.99% certain that you'll end up needing one of these guys.

Accommodation is obvious - you can't sleep on the street.  And finding good 'bike-friendly' accommodation can sometimes be tricky. You need somewhere safe and secure to store your bike overnight, and the staff can't get pissed at you for coming back each afternoon covered head to toe in mud. It should be expected. Dedicated mountain bike accommodation is on the rise because it's exactly what mountain bikers need! Find it here.

Fair to say that most of you will have your own bikes, but for those that don't, or want to try a demo bike, then knowing where the best bike shops are is pretty important. And for those with your own bikes, if you tell us that you're a regular bike park rider and have never needed a new tube / chain / gear cable / (insert prettly much anything here) at short notice, then basically we don't believe you. Don't let one mechanical end your day - get new kit!

Shocking sense of direction, or can't read a map? Or want to find those hidden gems every bike park has but is the secret of the local shredders? Then get in touch with the guides and follow them around until you know where you're at. And if you're a beginner then make sure you start off with some lessons or it's likely that you'll regret it. Just because you rode a bike as a kid, or ride one on your commute, doesn't mean you know how to handle full-sus and a bike park trail. Give the Bike Patrol a break, avoid one yourself, and get a lesson!

Check out the Whistler Locals Tab here for an idea of how this works. And if you want to feature your business on the Locals Tab of your bike park's page then get in touch with us at

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