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Introducing the Bike Park Categories

Bike Park Categories 2

With the simple objective of establishing as the the biggest and most comprehensive directory of dedicated mountain bike locations on the web, we are introducing bike park categories to the website so we can add a stack of other locations, and enable a clear and simple differentiation between each of the bike park types...

The Four Bike Park Categories

Gravity: The classic gravity bike park, usually developed around the existing infrastructure of a ski resort. eg. Whistler Bike Park, Canada.

Trail Center: Dedicated and maintained mountain bike trail networks, with or without upload capability. eg. Coed Llandegla, U.K.

Urban: Locations in or around towns and cities, normally specializing in technical trails and jumps. eg. Valmont Bike Park, USA.

Indoor: Technical trails and jumps for mountain bikes, but under a roof obviously! eg. Rays Indoor Bike Park, USA.

There's always going to be a bit of debate as to which category certain bike parks are best suited to. Some are obvious - there's no doubt that Whistler, Leogang, Trestle etc are classic gravity bike parks with an emphasis on downhill and freeride trails. Others are not so clear, but we've put them where they seem to fit best. If you disagree then drop us a line and we'll debate it, Frank the Tank style!

The Bike Park Locator Map

As a result of 'categorising' the bike parks, you will notice some changes to the Bike Park Selector page. You are now able to filter the list of bike parks to view locations that belong only to a specific category. For example, if you want to see all the Indoor bike parks then just de-select the other category tick-boxes and the list will filter automatically to display the results. Pretty cool. Oh and if you want to see where exactly in the world a bike park is located without navigating to the main bike park page then just click on the category icon next to the name and the map will zoom right there.

So we're now in the process of adding all the other locations that we are now able to include! But there's no doubt that we have missed a few so when you spot an ommision please get in touch and shout at us for making such fundamental mistakes! We'll grovel and apologise, and correct the situation immediately to get the bike park in the list. You'll also notice a few locations that are not linked to their own dedicated pages. We need to populate them before setting them live, but if you'd like to add a review for one of these bike parks then let us know and we'll prioritise getting that bike park page up and running.

The Open and Closed Status

One other addition to the locator page that you'll notice is the status icons for whether or not a bike park is Open or Closed. This applies to the season opening and closing dates; it does not take in to account week-day closures, or bad-weather days for example, and is based purely on the first and last day of the season. We will do our best to maintain the accuracy, along with the bike parks that are involved. But if you're about to rush off for a day at a bike park please check with the bike park directly to avoid being seriously annoyed with us if you get there and it's closed!

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