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Trail Builders - Hands In the Dirt

Hands in the Dirt News

WorldBikeParks is proud to announce the launch of a new Feature series, Hands In The Dirt.

We all grew up with our own little build-projects going on down our local woods... After school or on the weekend, we'd head up to the trails, find the shovel that we'd stashed under a bush somwehere the week before, and set to work crafting a set of doubles or a huge berm. Our own little personalised trail feature! Eventually we grew out of it, were stopped by the local forest rangers, or just moved away. But a rare few took the concept further. As the sport of mountain biking grew, increasing the demand for dedicated purpose built trail facilities, the need for professional trail design and build was obvious. It's an art, as trails have to be sustainable as well as fun, accessible as well as challenging, and often provide for a wide range of rider interests and abilities. It's not as simple as it would seem!

So over the course of this season, we’re going to be chatting with guys from around the world of mountain bike trail building who have played a part in the bike park industry over the years, whether it's designing new bike trails, putting shovels to dirt, or generally advocating for the growth of our sport. We'll find out what they've been up to and what future projects are in the pipeline. Get ready to meet those responsible for building the trails that we know and love...!

To kick the series off, we head to Tasmania, just off the south coast of Australia, and chat to Simon French, Director of Dirt Art, one of the most experienced and renowned trail design, construction and management companies down-under. See what he had to say here, and keep an eye out for more interviews over the coming months.

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