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Brake Authority Enduro Series 2013 Dates

Brake Authority Enduro

For the 3rd year in a row, the Enduro Series will serve as support for the FFC French Enduro Cup. We are proud to announce you the 2013 calendar. The 9th season of this incredibly successful series will once again establish the uncontestable national enduro hierarchy. With classics and novelties this year regarding riding spots. Classics with Val d’Allos and Valloire, two legendary races for any serious enduro rider. Continuity also with Samoëns which was highly acclaimed in 2012 thanks to the quality of its trails.

On the novelties side, Val d’Isère, the well-known Haute Tarentaise resort which is used to organizing international sporting events, is entering the Enduro Series. Finally Blausasc, Fabien Barel’s backyard, will end the season with a rally format; a landscape and trails that saw the birth of some of the best French riders, the season finale will be hot. Entries will be open from the 1st of March and we strongly recommend you to read the rules and regulations of the races. Some modifications will be brought to match the Enduro World Series that is due to become the reference international series. Also note that two rounds, Val d’Allos and Val d’Isère will also be part of the Enduro World Series calendar. On the sponsor side, we appreciate the fidelity of the brands Urge Bike Products, Royal Racing, Fox Racing Shox and Brake Authority, the latter becoming the title name of the series. Big brands and retailers are also joining: Michelin, Mavic and Probikeshop, and we’d like to thank them for their support to the sport.

The succession of Rémy Absalon & Anaïs Pajot, 2012 winners, is due to be highly contested as the level keeps on growing with a new generation of multi-talented young guns pushing behind. Thank you for your support and we’ll see you very soon on the Brake Authority Enduro Series 2013. The series dates in full...

  • Round #1 22/23 June 2013 - Samoens
  • Round #2 04/05 June 2013 - Val d'Allos 
  • Round #3 25/26 August 2013 - Valloire
  • Round #4 15/16 August 2013 - Val d'Isere
  • Round #5 06/07 October 2013 - Blausasc
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