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Big Mountain Enduro Series

Big Mountain Enduro

World Class Enduro Racing in the Rocky Mountains

The Big Mountain Enduro Series is an authentic multi-stage, multi-day annual Enduro series throughout the most picturesque vacation destinations in Colorado, Utah and New Mexico. This much anticipated competition offers some of the biggest and most challenging terrain in and around these mountainous landscapes. With many of the top-ranked trails in the country, races will follow a mix of the European formats; tying in epic backcountry Enduros on big terrain, as well as lift-accessed stages blended in along the way. Courses will feature predominantly downhill timed “special” stages linked together by non-timed liaison climbing stages. This rapidly growing discipline combines the physical endurance of cross-country riding with the technical difficulty and excitement of downhill racing.

The 2013 Big Mountain Enduro Series will encompass over 45,000 vertical feet of descending world-class singletrack throughout the entire season. Each course is specially designed to give participants unique riding experiences, including high altitude trails and long descents that will test athlete’s pure strength, endurance and bike handling skills. In sum, this unprecedented series will showcase some of the best trails in North America, while hosting many of the top all-around mountain bikers from across the globe, ultimately catering to all types of riders in an entertaining atmosphere for the entire family and local communities to enjoy.

What is a Big Mountain Enduro race?

This popular international format of racing encourages spectators and sponsors alike to catch the high-speed, adrenaline-fueled action of cross country and downhill mountain biking combined. It's not about who is the first to the climb, or who can drop the sickest line, but rather the best all-around trail rider that can tackle any type of terrain; the fastest. Enduro racing turns an epic all day ride into the ultimate test of fitness and technical skills.

A Big Mountain Enduro race can best be described as an epic trail ride in an incredible destination, with timed race sections (or “specials”) on the descents. We will also integrate some lift-accessed stages in order to showcase the most challenging trails in each host location. Full suspension bikes (26", 650B or 29er's) are often favored by the top Enduro racers, and more and more bikes these days are strong, light, nimble and can pedal efficiently while still bombing any downhill you can throw at them. The Big Mountain Enduro races are true backcountry events that require riders to have moderate to excellent fitness, though we strive to balance out the competition for both physically fit and technical skilled riders.

As the horizons of racing continue to broaden, the multi-day, multi-stage, enduro format speaks to all riders; spandex, baggies and full-faced. It captures the attention of the media with images of destination riding, spectacular scenery and the excitement and glory that goes hand-in-hand with racing and big descents you can't get anywhere else. One of the premier events in North America, the Big Mountain Enduro Series will be among the first of an unprecedented enduro racing infrastructure brought to you by Big Mountain Enduro LLC. Two of the BME events will also be part of the 2013 North American Enduro Tour (NAET), with Moab hosting the finals.

2013 Dates and Venues

The line-up for events this year is as follows...

And check out this neat little map so you know roughly where they all are..!

For more details visit the Big Mountain Enduro website:

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