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Mount Washington Double Take! WHAT! reopen Mount Washington

Monumental Mount Washington Bike Park To Re-Open! Double take!

We heard some pretty awesome news about a bike park that has been closed for three years is going to re-open this summer 2016! This is monumental news for B.C. and we are stoked for Mount Washington to start their lifts for mountain bike riding again!!

The new owners, Pacific Group Resorts ULC, will be investing approximately $250,000 into the park this summer. They have plans to continue growth of the bike park every year after.

Mount Washington has Mike Manara, he will be taking over as the bike park manager and is going to be an integral part of the trail development at the bike park. He has been with Mount Washington for 15 years and is a founding member and president of United Riders of Cumberland. He also sat on the board for Mountain Bike Tourism there. He has been a part of the trail system in Cumberland for 15 years. So he sounds like the right man for the job!

They plan to build trails for every level of rider. They want to bring “the relaxed feel of the local valley trails and bring them up to the mountain”. They are looking for people in the riding community to help them “make it happen”.

Building will begin as soon as the snow melts. They plan to have the lifts running by mid-July!


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