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Posted by: Giorgio Gamba on 9 Feb 2014.
Date of Visit: 8 Feb 2014

Jumps, Speed, and again Jumps

The principal trails here are 3

The first is called hangman; a pretty long trail really easy, really smooth but really fast and with some nice jumps in the high part. It isn't a dh trail but it's pretty fun and also the beginner rider can do this....

The second is called flying gangster; this is too much fun!!!!!!! Really fast and full of very nice jumps or drops!!!! Or you are in air or you are in full speed!!!!! Amzing, super-funny!!!   If you can jump and jumps make you happy this is your trail but if you don't like jumps or high speed don't do it!! So you have to be a pretty expert rider also to have big fun.....

The third is the speedster, the world cup dh track;  i start saying you have to be an expert rider; you are not expert?, you haven't full control in jumps, technical passages and high speed? In that case, please, for your life, don't do it!!!   This trail is super training, super fast, with demanding jumps and difficult technical passages; if you are an expert rider and you can do it, believe me it's also super funny as well as demanding and hard!!!!!!   High speed with jumps in the first section then hard technical passages in the second and the final part high speed again and jump!!!!!!!!!!!!

To conclude if you like jumps or high speed or you want to try a world cup track is perfect, but if you can't jump perfectly with control and precision don't go here....... 

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