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Posted by: jesus rodriguez on 26 Aug 2013.
Date of Visit: 3 Jul 2013

Great bike park in the centre of Spain

La pinilla is a great bike park, is in the center of Spain, close to Madrid (about an hour away).

It has tracks of all levels and with all fields, lots of rocks and other much more smooth.

The field is going more hard and rocky when the season is pass by because almost no rain at all and is impossible to maintain the tracks.

There are tracks with lots of jumps full flow as "Iniiciciacion and Flow".

It has a wood park which is quite fun.

For people who have more level the "Bike Patrol, DH1 and DH2" are the hardest tracks.

The area of the mirador has enough stone and is well and you find all kinds of terrain in very little space.

All the years celebrate an avalanche in the month of May, with many local riders.

A great bike park close to home.

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