Kranjska Gora

Kranjska Gora /


The Fun Kranjska Gora Bike Park is a mountain biker's paradise. Just over the border from both Austria and Italy, this hugely popular bike park in Western Slovenia has some outstanding trails for serious riders. The DH Line trail is where the annual race event is staged. No big-hit jumps although plenty of spots to get air if you're moving quick. This consists of tight technical sections through forest with plenty of roots and rocks to avoid.

The Airline trail is for those looking to sacrifice speed for style, with big-hit jumps and wooden features throughout. There is even a “babyline” section for beginners. The first jump is only a few inches high, with a gradual increase in size on each successive jump so you can progress safely one step at a time rather than braining yourself on the big ones right away! And Lunapark (or Adventureland) is the latest addition, intended for everyone including the kids. This has northshore style bridges, logs and drops through idyllic Slovenian wetland forest – just pure entertainment on 2 knobbly wheels!