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Posted by: Maximilian Stoffel on 1 May 2015.
Date of Visit: 24 Aug 2014

Limited offer, still fun

The bikepark has basically three lines, of which only 2 lead directly back to the gondola.
The tracks offer a descent around -500m.
There's a bike rent down at the gondola, as well as a little jump line, some small obstacles and a nice pumptrack.
Now to the tracks:

The Black Course starts with fast and quite rocky sections, combined with man-made obstacles. Good flow if ridden with enough speed. Very slippy when wet, drainage could be improved in some points.
In the middle part the trail goes narrow and serpentine, while becoming less rocky. Not as flowy as the first part, you'll have to brake quite hard in some turns, of which some are almost switchbacks without berms.
The lower parts starts as narrow as the middle one, some small to medium sized obstacles are spread along the trail. More flow, better berms and smoother ground with less rocks. As you enter the forest in the last part there'll be a northshore line with a drop as well as a step-up-step-down, followed by some fast curves before rolling to the end of the trail.

All in all a very fun trail, while rebuilding the middle section would be a great idea to challenge the sharp "splits" between the sections, which all have very different characters as told above.

The Yellow Course is basically a wide track full of gravel with some manmade obstacles. For beginners, who want to learn hitting them it's fun, but otherwise just very slippery.

I like the park and will be go there for another visit, the builders seem to be working a lot since last summer.


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