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Posted by: Giorgio Gamba on 30 Mar 2013.
Date of Visit: 28 Aug 2012

A Complete Bike Park

This bike park is divided in two parts: high part and low part. In the high part there are two trails (4X and DH). The 4X is very fast and it a beautiful part of jumps. The dh is also very fast but more technical, it has also some good jumps. These two trails can be courses by everyone... Both medium/expert riders and beginners can have fun... But beginners can't do all the jumps and is much more fun if you go fast.

In the low part there is only one trail (electric line). It is a very technical trail with many technical passages but if you are an expert rider you can overcome obstacles with very big speed. The trails is full of northshore but it hasn't many jumps.... In some parts it's also a little dangerous.... For beginners is a very difficult track. For medium rider is a slow and technical (but fun) track. For expert is a technical track but is awesome how you can overcome rocks, roots and other obstacles at an impressive speed!

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