Dirfis Gravity Park

Dirfis Gravity Park /


One of the first bike parks to be developed in Greece, Dirfis Gravity Bike Park on the island of Euboea offers freeride trails for intermediate and advanced mountain bikers. Access is easy, only 1 hour from Athens by road, the island being connected to the mainland by bridge. Situated in Alpine Forest right next to the village of Steni, there are only a few trails available - Big Bear, the Joker and Devils Pass - but it's enough for a couple of days of riding at least.

Only 20 minutes from the bike park itself you'll find plenty of stunning beaches with views out across the Aegean sea. There are not many bike parks where you can go swimming in the sea and work on your tan after shredding the trails! There is an uplift service available, which will also sort you out with water and first aid, as there is no real visitor center and support network here that you would expect from a resort based bike park. So it's a good idea to get in touch with the guys at www.eviatours.com to organise an uplift and even get a guide for your visit.