Guest Reviewers

Introducing the WorldBikeParks Guest Reviewers. In the Reviews section of the website, you will see bike park reviews submitted by "Guests", indicated by the silver color trim to their reviews and their profile page. Guest Reviews are submitted by individuals, groups and teams with an established reputation in the mountain bike world. These guys know their stuff, so you can expect a more detailed and comprehensive review, and you can be confident that the reviews they submit are a fair and balanced representation of the bike park. Think of them as your trusted experts!

PHIL KMETZ (U.S.A. - East Coast)

Professional downhill racer Phil Kmetz has been riding since the age of 5, and has earned the title of New Hampshire, Vermont, and Eastern States Cup Champion, as well as a spot on the USA National Championship podium. With a passion for riding that does not fade, he continues to share that passion and knowledge so that others will have all the resources needed to accomplish their dreams.


Alpine Gravity is run and owned by Ben Watkins, a rider with over fifteen years of mountain biking experience, having raced in Australia, Europe, and Canada and having been heavily involved in running races, ride days and skills clinics with various Victorian clubs for well over a decade. Ben has years of experience running mountain bike events, is a qualified mountain bike coach with PMBI Whistler Canada, is an affiliated member with MTBA, Parks Victoria, and DSE and is a licensed MTB tour operator.


Based in and around Leogang Bike Park in Austria, the Lahnvalley Crew is all about Mountainbiking and the unique Lifestyle associated to it. They are dedicated to capturing their progression in riding as the sport develops and grows. It’s their ambition to cover all aspects of the sport and showcase the wide variety in this one thing we love. Look out for great things from them in the upcoming season!

BAGUS LIFE (Switzerland)

Damn cool Swiss bloggers Bea, Armin and Nico the dog live the life most of us only dream of. Inspired by surfing trips to Indonesia and Bali (in case you’re wondering, Bagus is Balinesian for “good”!) they are combining their skills in photography and videography with the pursuit of their passions for surf, snow, and bike. Jealous yet?