The Rant Series

Dude! This is a No Fly Zone!


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Building some jumps on my local trails lately, I have encountered so many skilled single-track riders that totally freak out when confronted with a new jump or drop on their trail. Even though, the jumps are tabletops and completely optional, I’ve heard so much crap like “it’s dangerous…and I don’t like the unnatural appearance of it.” My response is “hell yeah, it’s dangerous, but so is just riding along on your average mountainous single-track, and this trail you’ve been riding on for years didn’t just build itself!” Listen up WANKERS! You need to just practice jumps and drops like any other mountain bike skill. Don’t let your bruised ego dictate your negative reaction by pushing the land manager to dismantle the jumps!

Bike parks usually have lots of features. Jumps and Drops appear in different shapes and sizes around every corner. This is one of the reasons I love riding at bike parks. It’s such a good natural high to hit a new feature. So, get your ass off your saddle, stop being a turd, go to a bike park or skills area and learn how to jump! If you just don’t want to, or won’t even give it a chance, then ride right on past the jumps into the sunset. -T

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