7-Stanes: Mabie

7-Stanes: Mabie /
United Kingdom

Posted by: Rob Milns on 11 Jul 2012.
Date of Visit: 16 Mar 2012

Into the Murk

So we turned up in Scotland for a weekend riding the the 7Stanes trails in Dumfries and Galloway. The weather was typically Scottish as we drove up with sheeting rain and low clouds all the way up the M6. It didn't get much better when we rolled into the car park at the trail head. However, a cup of tea and bacon buttie in the café and the world seemed like a better place. We still had to get out on our bikes though, and suitably dressed in our wet weather gear we set of into the murk. As there was a big group of mixed abilities amoungst us, we settled on the red "Phoenix" route and set off at a gentle pace. It is a testament to the effort the guys have put into building the trails that they weren't just a soggy mess given the amount of rain that had fallen. Having only ridden this route once before some years ago I couldn't remember where the new bits were, but some of my riding colleauges assured me that there was some new stuff. I just enjoyed blasting round the single track despite the murk and the wet. Even with the rain the trail wasn't very slippery except in a couple of places meaning you can ride this in just about any conditions – provided your have the right clothing. We decided to give the North Shore of the Kona Dark Side a miss though.....

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