7-Stanes: Kirroughtree

7-Stanes: Kirroughtree /
United Kingdom

Posted by: Rob Milns on 11 Jul 2012.
Date of Visit: 17 Mar 2012


What a difference a day makes. We had ridden in the murk and rain at Mabie yesterday and now we were looking blue skies and sunshine. And was warm too – OK, warm for Scotland in March and probably not comparable to Finale Ligure in August, but still it was just about warm enough for short sleeved tops and shorts so it can't have been too bad. Our group split with some taking the blue route and others taking the red/black out to McMoab. As with all of the 7Stanes centres there are routes to sort all abilities and fitness levels. The red and black routes join together so there's the option of just doing the red if you feel like an easy day or sticking on the black loop to make it a bit tougher. There aren't many big climbs on this route, but the single track is constantly going up and down and though you can just cruise it, the nature of the trail makes you want to attack each section so by the end it'll have been a pretty good work out. In addition there is McMoab at the turn point of the black which is a challenge in itself.

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