7-Stanes: Ae

7-Stanes: Ae /
United Kingdom

Posted by: Rob Milns on 11 Jul 2012.
Date of Visit: 18 Mar 2012

Scottish Summer

Ae has perhaps the least options of the three trial centres we had ridden, with only a green, a blue and a red route outside of the 2 downhill courses. However, the red “Ae Line“ is a cracker. The start of the route had some tree felling going on we had some some steep (and sticky after the rain a couple of days previously) fire road to get to the start of the trail proper. With less forest than Mabie and Kirroughtree, this route has more of a wilderness feel to it. The weather was good for us (somebody mentioned something about this being the Scottish summer), but on a bad day it could be quite exposed. Some of the highlights are "the Edge" which winds along the edge of a steep gulley where the complacent could be in for a shock and "Omega Man" finale, which was good enough that we rode up to have another go.

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